Two New Design Builds

Posted on Jan 6, 2018 in New Projects

ATA has had great success in designing office buildings. Working in partnership with project managers Maple Reinders for client Starlight Investments, ATA completed design concepts for two office buildings in Mississauga.

Matheson Ave v2 Crop

Matheson Avenue Office is a proposed design build project, which provides an additional 40,500 sq. ft. of rentable space to the underutilized site. Currently on the site is a 100,000 sq.ft office and warehouse space surrounded by similar types of spaces. Seeking to break away from a typical style in and around the area, ATA utilized the shape of the site. It resulted in a bent shape. The office building is then raised off the ground allowing it to float. The ground floor is set back and glazed, reinforcing the idea of elevating the building. Precast concrete panels wrap the building and frame the front, maximizing views. A hint of colour is used to create a visual contrast.

01 Century Drive

Similar to Matheson Avenue Office, Century Avenue Office is a proposed design build project with 100,000 sq.ft. of rentable space. It replaces an existing building on the site that was not feasible to expand due to the design and where it is located on the odd-shaped site. At first glance, the office building looks as if it’s split into two separate buildings; it is purposefully split, connected by the visual void of the curtain wall to divide the overall mass. Strip windows and precast concrete panels are used to visually elongate the building. Kalwall is proposed on the north and south side of the building to minimize the solid spaces. ATA was able to demonstrate that a new office building with an optimized floor plate would be more efficient.

Alexander Temporale, Architect in Charge