The Gateway

Canadian General Tower owned a large site adjacent to the CN/Go Line in an area known as Oakville’s Mid-Town Core – the gateway to the waterfront and the city’s historic downtown. Canadian General Tower wished to rezone the property to develop a standard strip plaza. The Town of Oakville commissioned a study to secure a commercial development that would be compatible with the nearby heritage area and the neighbouring residential housing. The intent was to create a new pattern of development that would break down the site into smaller components with distinctive individual buildings.

The study prepared by ATA was supported by residents, the owner and the Town Council. The master plan, however, evolved. ATA continued to act as the urban design consultants, providing peer review to ensure that the principles and guidelines of the study were retained as the initial and subsequent purchaser prepared modifications to suit their vision. The final bylaw that facilitated the development, as it currently exists, was passed in 2003. It has established a high standard for a more human-scaled, pedestrian-friendly project. The eventual development (by the architectural firm Romanov and Romanov Architects Inc.) links with the residential streets and the existing industrial buildings while maintaining a harmonious connection to the character of Old Oakville.