A Welcome Oasis

Located at a major intersection in Brampton, these two buildings constitute the first phase of a 24-acre development owned and operated by Unipetro Resources Inc.

The project itself focuses on the duality of consumption and conservation. The office building is designed to conserve energy that has been harnessed and is intended to score in the LEED Silver range. As a result, various green initiatives – geothermal heating and cooling, stack effect ventilation, rain water irrigated landscaped public spaces, 80% natural light to occupants, summer shaded glazing areas, next generation triple glazed windows, active air controlled thermal slabs and reflective roofing – have been integrated into the overall design.

The two structures are placed strategically on a tight site, where both uses and circulation intersect. The movement of vehicles and pedestrians has been organized to minimize conflicts. Although the buildings have an aggressive contemporary aesthetic that is reflective of the “Googie” architecture of the 1950s automotive culture, the design is intended to have a human scale and be a welcome oasis to the public.

Citation for Most Promising Project in the 2012 Brampton Urban Design Awards. Read more here.