Phased-in Development

Sunningdale Public School required extensive renovations. The local board wanted to convert a typical wing of existing classrooms into a functional science room, a music room and a technology room. The original project included an addition as well, but this was phased in because of the lengthy site plan approval process. Existing conditions – including 30 years of disparate construction strategies applied to the building – added complexity to the job.

As part of the design, the interiors at Sunningdale were based on a module of approximately 1’ x 4’. The floor and ceiling pattern, millwork and wall decor reflected this theme. The floor pattern featured blue strings of tiles arranged from the smallest in the corner opposite the door to the largest at the entrance to the classroom. The blue squares also helped to accentuate classroom features such as shelving, hooks, tack boards and cabinets. The millwork was constructed from medium-density fibreboard that was either covered in plastic laminate or varnished to show its natural finish. Blue was chosen for its role as a Sunningdale school colour and to make the renovation fit in with the existing building.

The project was completed entirely in Building Information Modeling (BIM), using specific elements from ATA’s “Prototype School” developed technology. All walls were light gauge, utilizing mould resistant interior cladding, reducing foundation loads and increasing insulation value.