A Greener Tomorrow

St. Charles Garnier Catholic School was looking to revitalize its presence and meet the evolving demands of its student population with a new addition. ATA took on the challenge, creating a design that complemented the existing building and surrounding grounds.

Phenolic panels and coloured glass added visual interest to the brick and architectural block used for the building`s exterior. Large ribbon windows let in natural sunlight, creating a brighter and healthier learning environment while reducing the school`s dependence on artificial light (thus reducing costs as well).

Following the Evergreen Design Guide, ATA took into account the existing landscape during the early planning stages. Consequently, the new structure was built around a large oak tree, which was retained for use as an outdoor classroom. Plus, the asphalt space was greatly reduced and 45 new trees were planted to create even larger outdoor learning areas.

Today, St. Charles Garnier Catholic School stands a model of smart design and green practices.