Children Need Space

St. Bernard Catholic School was in dire straits. With a large student population, this North York education facility required twelve portable classrooms to meet everyone`s needs. Unfortunately, the existing school was situated on a tight urban space and the portables took away much of the existing playground.

To begin, ATA conducted feasibility studies to look at current, intermediate and long-range needs (as student enrollment was predicted to grow even more). After careful review, ATA`s solution was to build an 11,000-square-foot addition that was strategically placed to maximize open space and provide the children with a larger play area. The new facility was also designed to accept a third storey and a complete rebuild of the original school. ATA’s signature use of colour on angled planes (set into elevated horizontal forms) was used on the building`s exterior. The result was a progressive, child-friendly vocabulary that offered a framework for future development on this site.

ATA`s innovative approach was unique to St. Bernard and two other schools currently awaiting final approvals to tender.