A Mississauga Landmark

The Silverthorne Pumping Station was in dire need of repair. The existing exterior masonry was failing and the bricks were spalling due to the lack of a drainage cavity. Moreover, there were other secondary repairs needed that were associated with the envelope. To rectify the situation, the Region of Peel hired ATA.

Believing that there is more than one solution to any problem, ATA set out to develop various options that would contribute in a more positive fashion to the surrounding development than the largely blank façade of the existing structure. The Region of Peel, after considering cost and other factors, chose a design that they felt addressed the functional problems while enhancing the streetscape along Bloor Street in Mississauga.

ATA’s early modernist design created a bold statement while at the same time breaking down the structure’s scale to one more in sympathy with the residential homes across the street. The striking result helped the building become an instant landmark along Bloor Street.