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In the spring of 2015 ATA was retained by Sheridan College to provide design and working drawings for renovations to the C Wing skylight at the Trafalgar Campus in Oakville.

The existing skylight overlooks the seating area within the library and had suffered issues with water leakage for several years. The college had tried multiple times to fix the leaks with little success. This lead to the decision to rebuild the skylight to something more modern and functional.

ATA worked with the college and their contractor to develop a new design. The bubble dome skylights were removed and replaced with a new transom skylight with a sloped roof. The new skylight brings indirect light into the library from the northwest, northeast and south east. The additional height allows for the future growth of the trees and plants within the library. The renovation was modeled in Revit. The result was a set of working drawings that were legible for all and fully coordinated.

The work ethic and skill that ATA has shown in completing the skylight has led to further projects with the college. ATA is currently preparing designs for renovations to spaces within the Sheridan College Athletic Centre and has recently completed drawings for replacement of siding on the penthouse mechanical space adjacent the skylight.