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This building is one half of the layer structure at the corner of Navy Street and Lakeshore Road, a key Oakville intersection. The corner is a gateway to the Old Oakville Heritage District and the downtown retail district. Prior to purchase by Bentall Kennedy, the building and the neighbouring property had not been well maintained. In reviewing the condition of the building with RJC structural engineers, we concluded that the parapet walls were not structurally sound. With ATA’s encouragement, Bentall Kennedy agreed to extend the scope of the work to repair and/or replace the deteriorated portions of the cornices; the ground level pediment and the pilasters. The scope of this phase of work did not include a full restoration, but rather the critical repair and maintenance of the building’s shell and facade.

The ground floor tenant will be relocating and there may be future opportunity to restore and renovate the ground level to an appearance more consistent with the original design.