The Benchmark in Golf Course Facilities

ATA was approached by Lionhead Golf Club to create the most private golf course facility in Canada and to establish a benchmark by which other clubs would be judged. Naturally, we were up to the task.

Our approach was to develop a golf course with breathtaking scenic beauty (evolving effortlessly from the site) that also challenged the golfer. The clubhouse was strategically placed to be visible from the road, with a panoramic view of the ninth green and starting tees. The clubhouse and auxiliary buildings were designed with a continuity of style and materials (inside and out) to create a unified appearance in harmony with its natural setting. The large sloping roof form was designed to accommodate a sunlit terrace overlooking the course.

The reception area, lounge and dining facilities offer panoramic views created by the sweeping curve of the windows and towering stone fireplaces. The two-storey pavilion design was built on grade and the landscaping was bermed around the building, submerging the mass of structure and buffering the service entrances from view.

The end result met all the goals set out by Lionhead and created a memorable facility enjoyed by visitors.