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A Safe Haven

Kennedy Youth Services provides support for troubled children and youth. When the original Rotherglen facility became outdated, ATA was brought in to design a new building that would be non-institutional in character and offer a totally secure environment for its residents, staff and the public.

To begin, ATA designed separate zones and structures to provide greater internal security and external control access. The bedrooms were placed in two separate wings with the control room and living areas in the centre. Space was incorporated into the design for further expansion in the future (if needed). The front section of the facility houses the administration building, which is linked by a corridor to the other sections but separated from the classroom and recreation wing. The dining room and kitchen form a separate block associated with the service areas.

The one-storey building is of non-combustible construction and has a sprinkler system installed for greater fire safety. 
Inside ATA worked closely with the client in the choice of colours – ones that were calming and yet provided a bright, positive atmosphere to the facility. Graphics were used to add life to those active areas (the gym for example) used by residents for group activities.

The living areas and sleeping areas are colourful with high ceilings and excellent natural lighting. The atmosphere is bright and positive, offsetting the secure institutional nature of the facility and constant surveillance by the centralized control room. Materials were carefully selected and details meticulously developed to ensure a vandal-proof environment. Within the limitations that such security creates, ATA chose colours and textures that helped give interest, character and warmth to the institution. In addition, these small considerations added to the working environment and safety of staff.