Mississauga, Ontario
The objective was to create a master plan for 200,000 sq. ft. of commercial space zoned as light industrial with service commercial, office and auxiliary retail uses also permitted. The design team sought to establish a higher standard than what is typical in today’s suburban, industrial developments and that would also have both local and international appeal.

Although the project is large in scale and industrial buildings are large in mass, the urban design intent was to create a human scale and to break down the mass into a pedestrian scale.

The first phase of the project was divided into three buildings rather than a single monolithic structure. The facades were further subdivided by visually layering the floors providing variety in the materials and windows / curtain wall design. This allowed the design to provide a sense of individuality in lieu of the use of the typical “cookie cutter” subdivision that typifies light industrial developments.

The intent was to make ownership desirable and accessible for a wide variety of businesses from various backgrounds. Many units have been designed to allow for future internal growth if required by the owners.

The client is already moving forward to undertake construction of Phase II based on the sell-out of all the light industrial service commercial spaces.