The First of Its Kind

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) required a two-storey, eight-classroom and two-seminar room addition at Forest Manor Public School. Designed by ATA Architects Inc. and constructed by KCL, this school became the first totally factory fabricated structure utilizing a high-performance exterior skin for the TDSB. The methodology for the construction was developed jointly by ATA Architects, Genesis TP Inc and CGC. Both exterior and interior walls, as well as the roof structure, were fabricated from light-gauge steel. Constructed of recycled and recyclable materials, the system was designed for buildings requiring a higher insulation value and an aggressive construction schedule. The structure was clad in a lightweight composite wall panel supplied by Synstone Commercial Cladding.

The interiors at Forest Manor were based on a module of approximately 2’ x 4’. The floor and ceiling pattern, millwork and wall decor reflected this theme. The floor pattern featured green square tiles arranged from the smallest in the corner opposite the door to the largest at the entrance to the classroom. Green squares also helped to accentuate the classroom features such as shelving, hooks, tack boards and cabinets. The millwork was constructed from medium-density fibreboard that was either covered in plastic laminate or varnished to show its natural finish.