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Award-Winning Design

The Emerald Centre is separated from the Mississauga City Centre by Highway 403 (a major artery) and is surrounded by a taller, high-density residential project. However, the unique features of its retail building and office building make it the landmark development in the area. In fact, the outer skin of each structure – a combination of a glazed curtain wall and deep teal green porcelain panels with punched windows – stands out as the most distinctive feature of the overall design and helps set the buildings apart from the surrounding cityscape.

To visually create a sense of human scale, each building’s mass is “broken down.” The buildings have an articulated base, body and cap. Furthermore, they support their upper structure by large tapered columns that create scale, rhythm and weather-protected colonnades at grade.

The Emerald Centre is a building for the senses. It has edges and curves, texture and slickness. Its rich colour stimulates the eye; its porcelain skin (designed as a rain screen) makes one want to touch and feel its surfaces; its curvilinear forms and diagonal siting create a sense of motion. Upon completion, the Emerald Centre won a UDI Award for Office Building Design.