Adaptive Centre for Youth

The City of Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation, decided to convert a former indoor rifle range into a new multipurpose space at the Don Montgomery Community Centre (DMCC). The end result was a cooperative design process involving local youths that transformed an underutilized facility into a vital and thriving community centre.

Upon its review of the original DMCC, ATA felt the structure appeared closed and isolated ­– without any true relationship to the surrounding area. As a result, ATA carved out windows in bold fragmented shapes to reflect the dynamic distribution of the interior space. During the day, light is allowed in to provide greater transparency; in the evening, the windows become beacons to the community, projecting warm light outwards. The random delineation of walls and fins produces a “pick-up sticks“ design that works closely with colour to create a playful environment.

With ATA`s renovations, the DMCC has become a welcome and inviting place for youth and the greater surrounding community to pursue a variety of activities (including cultural, creative and sports programs) .

Selected as a Best of Year Project Design honoree by Interior Design Magazine. Read more here.

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2011 Design Exchange Award. Read more here.