Brampton Restoration Project

The City of Brampton retained ATA to help with the restoration of Alderlea, a heritage estate built circa 1865. As part of the process, ATA provided a detailed analysis of the existing building and recommendations regarding short-term remedial action. In addition, the firm supplied a plan and a quote for the full restoration of the building.

The goal of the second phase of the study was to establish the best use of the building in consultation with the associated City of Brampton stakeholders and the public. Working with Urban Metrics, a variety of possible future uses (including a restaurant, a museum, a banquet centre, a conference centre for corporate meetings and other events, commercial offices or a home to city departments) was explored.

A business plan, involving capital and operating costs, was prepared for the development of the estate as a corporate conference facility. To help guide the design of the restoration process, ATA relied on photographs of the original building (which they managed to uncover). All options had to meet the city’s criteria, which included capital costs, neighbourhood compatibility, the impact on heritage, the economic impact on the downtown, the revenue generation potential, multi-use potential, access to the community, synergies with other downtown attractions, sponsorship potential, financial risk and market potential. In the end, ATA put forth three options for the site (utilizing research and case studies). ATA is currently refining a marketing plan for the selected option.

Received the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals – Case Study Award

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