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> Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Trust Award for Excellence in Conservation, Holcim Waterfront Estate, Mississauga
> Mississauga Urban Design Awards, Award of Merit for Long Term Strategy and Innovation, Holcim Waterfront Estate, Mississauga

> Oakville Livable by Design 2013 Awards, Citation, Award of Excellence, Historic BMO (Anthropologie)
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> “Modernism preserved in a Canadian Tire gas bar” – The Globe and Mail, Canadian Tire Gas Bar, Southdown Road
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> “Spanning the Generation” – Homes and Cottages
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> Town of Oakville Urban Design Award of Excellence – The Towne Square (Urban Design Consultant – Stone Kohn McQuire Vogt, Architect of Record/Award Recipient)
> Town of Oakville Urban Design Award of Excellence – Bray’s Lane (Urban Design Consultant – Ontario Realty Corp. – Borgon Petroff, Architect of Record/Award Recipient)

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> National Competition – Honourable Mention, Sparks Street Mall, Ottawa
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> Albion Bolton Community Centre – Canadian Architect
> Mississauga Urban Design Award – Citation, Froebel Foundation School

> Ontario Renews Awards – Honourable Mention, Watts Residence Addition, Brampton