“Form follows function.” This mantra of early Modernism is an overly simplistic definition of architecture—one that does not even come close to addressing the true nature of this discipline. At its core, architecture is a complex blend of art and technology. It requires, at times, a pragmatic approach to solving problems and achieving consensus. It requires practitioners to address issues of urban context, the environment and the social and psychological needs of the building’s users. It also requires the skill and creativity to bring these varied factors together to create a unified whole.

At ATA Architects Inc., we are focused on addressing all of these issues in order to transform “the building box” into architecture. We reject the idea that there are absolutes in architecture—that each building be a pure example of a particular style, containing the iconic elements that typify that style. We are more inclined to believe that architecture should enhance and enliven the experiences of its clients and its users. At the same time, we are acutely aware of public concerns about conservation, context, sustainability, budget, schedule and the ability of the outdoor public and private spaces to contribute to the streetscape, neighbouring properties and the community as a whole.

To address these issues, ATA has developed experience and expertise in a variety of fields—from new projects to renovations and additions. In a period of constant change and major advancements in communications technology, no firm can rely solely on past projects and experience as credentials for future work. To that end, we also invest in research in both design and technology.

Our goal is simple and straightforward: excellence in service and in architecture. Our intent? Always to give added value by optimizing every available opportunity. Our methodology is centred on human values and on creating spaces within and outside the envelope for people. Our expression of those values is Canadian.