ATA Architects Inc. was founded in 1982 by principal Alexander Temporale.

The firm promotes a diversity of services in architecture, urban design, heritage planning, architecture restoration, space planning, interior design and project management.
ATA maintains a balance of public and private sector projects making use of innovations in one field to benefit the other. Numerous projects have been undertaken for municipalities, school boards, regional government, the Province of Ontario, the federal government through Defense Canada and National Capital Commission, and other institutional clients.

As a design firm that has received numerous awards, ATA has a passion for the diversity and challenge of architecture. The broad scope of the work displayed is illustrative of the firm’s ability to creatively solve problems and bring about timely solutions. The firm’s commitment is to client service by providing comprehensive sustainable architecture. ATA’s primary approach is one of proactive leadership through state-of-the-art technology and leading-edge design. The second is to apply those skills and systems for the benefit of our clients in the management, scheduling, production and administration of their projects (with delivery on time and on budget).

The firm’s long list of achievements and long-term client base is a result of ATA’s history of contributing added value to their projects and providing clients the assurance that they have selected the right architect for their project and the confidence to retain the firm for future work.