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The Cooksville Medical Arts Centre is a four storey 42,000 sq.ft. building with integrated retail and a connected garage that achieves appropriate parking for this compact urban site. The ground floor retail opens up to the high traffic along Dundas Street.

With a overarching goal to achieve no more than 40% exterior glazing, the punch windows used throughout limit energy loss and maintain privacy for the medical suites while composite panels clad the highly insulated exterior walls. Areas of curtain wall flow down from above to allow natural light to flood the office areas. The garage offers separate access for the employees at the 2nd floor.

Because of equipment needs, Medical office buildings often release much more heat than average office buildings and require careful consideration about cooling. In the case of the Cooksville building, far more glazing is located on the North side than the South. To minimize further infiltration and energy loss, spray insulation was used as well as reflective windows to steer the sunlight away.

The design uses sleek metal panels and exposed structure more akin to the disassembly of an aircraft, than a medical building. The attached 2 level parking garage allows access at several levels, while maintaining the parking spots required for a busy medical site.