Gusty Design

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A recent article in the Globe and Mail about ATA’s Delta project.

Read the article here.

Glass and the 2030 challenge

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Mark Driedger of ATA Architects writes about experimental glazing strategies in Construction Canada magazine.

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OAA Perspectives Article – Heritage Thesholds

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A recent article in the OAA Perspectives magazine on heritage thresholds and Ghost Houses, by Alex Temporale.

Read the article here.

ATA Architects at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

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This past Labour Day weekend associate, Mark Driedger, attended the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii to present ATA’s presentation titled “Linking Past, Present and Future.” The World Conservation Congress is the largest democratic conservation event in the world. The intention of the Congress is to encourage its members to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. The IUCN draws its members from all over the world and from various fields (politics, business, science, art and academia). This year the Congress had between 6,000 to 10,000 participants. ATA’s contribution was a digital presentation that focused on the Harding the Waterfront Estate (formerly the Holcim Waterfront Estate) in Mississauga.

The presentation focused on the efforts made by all parties to conserve the building and landscape of the estate while highlighting its cultural and historical value. Moreover, the study demonstrated how these successful efforts resulted in a financial boon for the City of Mississauga. The presentation focused on the following key points:

1. The value of rehabilitating and reinventing a heritage site for the present day use and on into the future.

2. The value of preserving heritage landscaping and open space instead of new development.

3. Creating and extending an ecosystem with links to parkland, lakefront and the natural environment – in this case, the creation of an extensive waterfront trail system that traverses communities along the lakefront.

4. Conversion of private heritage site for use by the entire public for local events and gatherings.

5. Ongoing contribution to the arts and to the sciences.

6. Innovative ways to presenting the importance of heritage to the community (QR Codes).

7. A pragmatic approach to rehabilitation in order to control budget and obtain heritage goals.

8. Incorporation of new uses, barrier free access and building code upgrades without impacting the heritage value.

9. Developing an effective public use that can generate sustainable financing.

10. An example of a holistic approach that impacts all aspects of a heritage site.

The preparation of this presentation has benefitted greatly from the support of the City of Mississauga and the assistance of landscape architects Baker Turner Inc. ATA would like to thank all who have contributed in the preparation of this presentation.

Two recent articles about ATA’s involvement at the congress include Built Heritage News and the Oakville Beaver.

Case Study – The Impact of Exterior Insulated Shutter Systems

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An article was published in the October issue of Sustainable Building & Design co written by Mark Driedger, Associate of ATA Architects. The research sited in the article was undertaken by students of the Department of Architectural Science in conjunction with Mark. The study looks at the impact of exterior insulated shutter systems to conserve energy and operating cost. Read the article here.

Saint Athanasius Community Centre

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The Saint Athanasius Community Centre is a proposed 9,800sm (105,000sf) addition to the pre-existing Coptic Christian Orthodox centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The Saint Athanasius Community Centre is currently in the schematic design phase. The driving force behind the design has been to compliment the existing architecture of the two churches. The strong verticality of the existing structures is juxtaposed by the subtle horizontality of the new development. There will be a strong connection between street and building as the community centre creates a unique backdrop to the original church with views opening into the two-storey glazed performance space.

Renewal Requires Reinvention

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In early October, Alex Temporale was a guest speaker at the Heritage Canada National Trust Conference in P.E.I. His topic was Learning from Main Street, Renewal Requires Reinvention. An overview of the presentation can be read here.

Humane and Welcoming

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The Torgan Medical Office Building at the new Oakville Hospital on the Halton Health Services site is well underway. The steel frame is largely up for this 4 storey, 80,000 sq.ft. class ‘A’ office building. It will be a state-of-the-art facility at the entrance to the hospital site. Designed in conjunction with MSA Architects the building is destined to be a local landmark. The glass and aluminum cladding with the use of brick and Muskoka granite will create a humane and welcoming building.

McMaster Campus Store: A Thoughtful Intervention

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In order to provide barrier free access to the McMaster University Campus Bookstore at the main entrance, interior walls on North and East side of vestibule were removed to increase the floor area. The existing stairs within the vestibule were removed and a 1/2 wall rolling shutter door was provided for the proposed book return area. The architectural scheme was a modest and thoughtful play of forms meant to integrate within the context of the existing building in a manner that downplayed any form of architectural intervention – a quiet nod to the existing architecture and context.

Photo Credit “ribbon cutting”: Andrew Baulcomb, McMaster Daily News
Photo Credit “building addition”: Cliff Burkett

A New Member of Our Team

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 in Office News

ATAarchitects_MichaelATA is very pleased to announce that Michael Biljetina, B.Sc., B.Arch., MRAIC, AIA, OAA has joined our architectural team. Michael has broad experience in managing a wide variety of projects, both public and private. He brings additional expertise to the design and management of our Client’s projects. Michael, born and raised in Hamilton brings a local perspective of a growing segment of the firm’s work in the Hamilton/Burlington market. ATA has projects currently underway for the City of Hamilton and McMaster University.